Florida Lease Returns, Off-Lease Vehicles

When you want to turn in your lease or end your lease early, come to us for lease returns in Florida. We are not brand specific and accept all car brands. We also offer up to 12-month lease payoffs if you need to get out of your car lease early. Our team is waiting to help you turn in your lease. Contact us today to learn more about what you need to bring with you when you turn in your car.

Car Lease Returns for All Makes & Models

A lot can change during the course of a three-year lease offer. If you're looking for a Ford lease return in Florida to turn in your F-150 lease, bring your used truck to our dealership. Maybe your family has grown, or your commute has changed, and you need to end your lease early.

If so, you'll be glad to learn that we accept lease returns in Florida for all vehicles. We want to help you upgrade to an SUV lease that better suits your needs. Come to us for lease returns in Florida.

We can help you end your lease up to 12 months early. Contact our finance department to ask about our 12-month lease payoffs and see if there's an early termination fee or remaining depreciation on your Jeep lease return. We'll go over everything with you in advance, so there are no surprises when you come to Dyer Auto Group for lease returns in Florida.

My Lease Is Ending, Now What?

If this was your first car lease, you might be wondering what happens at the end of a car lease. When your lease term ends, bring your vehicle to our car dealer in Florida. We'll inspect your vehicle for any damage that exceeds "normal wear and tear" to the interior, exterior, and wheels of your vehicle.

Typically, light scuffs and scratches smaller than the size of a quarter fall into this category. If there are no disposition fees to process for damage or excessive mileage, you can sign the paperwork stating you've turned in your lease and be on your way. You're also welcome to start your next lease with one of our new SUVs for sale.

Come to our lease return center in Florida for Subaru lease returns. Suppose you're new to the area, or you have your eye on one of our new cars for sale, bring your GMC lease return to our lease turn-in center and start a new lease with us. We accept all vehicles.

Lease Returns Are Good Buys

When someone turns in their lease early, there's likely low mileage and low "wear and tear" on the vehicle. There might also be factory warranty protection remaining. For these reasons, lease returns make great used cars for sale. If you are looking for your next used car, contact our dealership about recent lease returns for sale in Florida.

End Your Lease at Dyer Auto Group

We are your home for lease returns in Florida. If you're eager to upgrade to a new car and don't want to wait until your lease ends, or if your circumstances have changed and you need to terminate your lease contract, reach out to the team at our lease return center. We'll go over everything you need to know about how to turn in your lease.

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